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Jaclyn here. 

Your guide to guilt-free, desire-full living and loving. 

I'm so excited to help you shift from frustrated and disheartened in love to feeling loved and adored in your relationships and in your life without having to sacrifice or lose yourself.

While trusting yourself more deeply. 

I'm here to be your guide so you get to experience:

  • Feeling loved and adored without sacrificing or losing yourself
  • Confidence in who you are and loved for who you are (without chasing after attention)
  • Feeling excited and passionate to live a life you desire without the guilt and burden of worrying you're letting someone down

If you want to feel more loved and powerful in your relationship, click this link to schedule a 1-1 complimentary discover session to get clear on what your want and need to live your best life and the steps you need to take to make it possible. 

"When I first started working with Jaclyn, I had a failed marriage that ended horribly and my career had also fallen apart. At 44 it seemed as if my best years were behind me. Riddled with anxiety and plagued by emotional pain. 

 As I worked with Jaclyn, I discovered that I am a fantastic person with loads of greatness to provide for myself and others.  After putting in the work, my life is unimaginably beautiful. I’m grateful every single day for Jaclyn’s coaching. Without it, I’m not sure I would’ve discovered the strength I already had inside."

- Jason

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"Jaclyn has been a breath of fresh air for me. She has a gentle, loving way of peeling away the layers of emotional discomfort to reveal the true essence of my creative self.

Working with Jaclyn has helped me to believe and see that no matter what, I matter."

- Val

About Me

I'm an Intimacy Coach and published author with a passion for guiding women to feel more loved without sacrificing or losing themselves. 

As a human and coach, I love to live my life as a curious explorer and you’ll often find me with a notebook very close by to jot down ideas and inspiration.

I spent a lot of my 20s living abroad traveling to and living in New Zealand, Spain, and France trying to narrow down a direction for my life and along the way taught English, got certified as a Yoga Instruction and became fluent in Spanish. 

One of the most impactful experiences of my 30’s was publishing my first book about exploring desire and sexuality, which was not meet with approval by all in my life.

This lead to a rocky period of deep exploration and healing as well as redefining what was right and true for me and how to support others through similar challenges.

Some of the things that make me happiest in this world are reading and learning (I love libraries), dancing, drinking sparkly non-alcoholic beverages from a wine glass, creating sensual yummy feeling spaces soak in and exhale. 

You Can Find Me On:

Instagram: @fosterjaclyn

Facebook: @jaclynlaceyfoster


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"Jaclyn helped me get crystal clear about what I am looking for. She created a safe and comfortable space for me to open up, get to the core of why I have been attracting less than what I desire and why I have not been able to find and keep the love I want. 

Her caring and intuitive approach helped me recognize and release old pain and let go of blocks I had no idea I had."

- Anna

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