Owning Your Sexual Side

Uncategorized May 28, 2019

When I was getting ready to publish my first book, I started to rub up against fears of what people would think of me. Being that this book is about my relationship to sex, desire, and intimacy, I knew it was going to have its critics and probably some pretty strong ones. 

There was one word in particular that I got really nervous about people calling me. It made me feel nervous and question whether or not I really wanted to follow through with publishing. 

Luckily, I met someone who gave me a challenge to shift my perspective and embrace the thing I was resisting. 

In the video above, you'll find out what that word is and what I realized about my resistance to it. I'll also give you the same challenge I was given as it was a game changers for me in terms of my relationship to my sexual side. 


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